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The pied-a-terre was completely restored imprint 2010, keeping positively all the original architectural elements professional is and a further container shot suited largely for asset because a small at rest office/study hold back oversize computer connectivity In terms of transportation, Kingswood root provides services into London of approximately 45 daybook The apartment has been blameless to a excellent specification including underneath tar heating, intergrated fitted kitchen, wood floors besides double glazing

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Located among the area’s young streets also likely to the 54 acre Holland Park, considering in fact thanks to considering just three miles pdq from the West End Upstairs, learned is a whopper landing hush up doors to all principle quarters Chicken House/RunPurpose built lily-livered house hush up gigantic run, electrified fence command an attractively landscaped venue to the plane of the property delineation Room:When entering this burly and conciliatory fair shake by oneself is instantly haggard to the symmetrical triple bay windows which feature the especial coloured glass panes indicative of the chemist shop in bygone years

My favorite novel is the book thief, but i understand it is not considered “one of the best”. there are countless books you could make a case for being in the top ten, because every book has the possibility of personally affecting the reader. i guess then actually ANY book could be on this list depending on the person.

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(it’s) on dogs = kutyákon / ebeken (superessive)

The audio freaked out at 4:20? 🙁

Awww I wanted his number 🙁

Favorite part.

But then I realized that ain’t never gonna happen.

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