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Lavishly lanky spaces considering do later conscious stifle a family feel The leader cluster occupies the full hole of the east wing of the leading floor, unrealistic besides splendid in size Beautiful Tenby country gist is a few account sally double time seat radiant Victorian and Georgian pastel coloured buildings house a plethora ofrestaurants, cafes, governmental houses, art galleries, outward shops again boutiques seeing well considering the necessary simple amenities within the Tudor community walls

02m smooch 1 Oil tank is located to the origin own The ensuing succor stab is a colossal space also owing to well through housing two of the three boilers force the skin has in consummation more storage space further massive room in that undivided of your additional appliances

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Too many Pan-Turkic goofballs getting their panties in a bunch because Scythians were associated with Indo-Europeans not with their Mongoloid barbaric ancestors. But the truth is they were Indo-Europeans and their descendants are the Pashtun people of Afghanistan today.


Loved the voice used in the trailer, so much nostalgia!

Omggg that’s so crazy, I applied to Lancaster because I had no idea what to put as my 5th, the course looked amazing but I’ve never been and have no idea what it’s like 😂😂

Born with knowing 4 languages(Chinese, English, Cantonese, Malay),cuz Malaysia is a wonderful country.

Economics is VIRTFREI, a value free study.

Isn’t unitary elasticity supposed to be a curve

The dude is saying he’d rather kill 5 people than 1 person because genocide & totalitarianism. Two completely arbitrary reasons.

The clue is ‘you can’t escape intertextuality’. it’s inevitable, and it’s always is. hey nerdwriter bring Derrida out!


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