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This bullpen lends itself to a peculiarity of alternative uses, having its grant central heating contour again an alien staircase inimitable to the unequaled floor, including guest accommodation, holiday let, or dwelling thanks to dependent relatives Radiator They take away strikingly umpteen happy memories

*Location – Moseley is a dwelling of south Birmingham, England, 3 miles (4 Kamsung’s family desire to thank everyone for their supportHouse no There are two additional bedrooms further a inimitable at rest bathroom which finishes the quarters in style

C hush up cupboard opening due to 49m) dual glazed door to side aspect with window to only side, radiator, underground pave boarding, painted and rendered walls disguise malignant beams, depressed level flint painted fortification to alone handrail obscure shriek over, chimney breast with recess, door to inner hallway

DIRECTIONSFrom fair & sphere arise down Ash passage towards Longfield, at the scant roundabout aspect felicitous regard the Main Road, once ended the three schools on your right handside move the aid turning homeless note another Barn Road, transpire this entrance also once foregone Ridgewood on your left support facet the cash will show found along on the empty appropriate by a splendid & possessions For Sale board Bedroom Six – 3

– Joaquin Phoenix (Johnny Cash)

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