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You can here how biased they are when they say “They don’t make things for the benefit of mankind but to make a profit” because all innovators found something that betters mankind and gave it to the masses

@tricky12321 🙂

You are a nitpicking nerd who should NOT shut up about this.

Please make videos on Comparative Government and Politics!!!!!

I very much prefer how Marvel movies look like compared to DC, DC has everything coated in blue and dark blue and it’s like you’re looking at stuff through a shit filter and that’s terrible. Marvel movies are really bright when they need to be, just look at The Avengers, that bit when they stand around together in a circle is really well saturated and the color of Thor’s cape and Hulk’s skin really contrast well together but not in an insane way that looks stupid. The “improvement” you have shown in this video was actually way over-saturated and just looked plain silly like a cartoon or well, a comic book. And marvel movies aren’t comic books, they’re more down to earth than that and the color palette and overall design of everything reflects that. Having complete deep blacks makes the image way too dark and having it less dark means people can see more detail. I really hate this trend, especially in horror movies of certain parts of the scene being just pure black or contrasting way too hard, it’s annoying, and i much much prefer the nice even lighting in shows like Star Trek. When you over-saturate and increase contrast that much the scene becomes a mess. It’s the color-grading equivalent of having over9000 cuts per second in an action scene, it’s cancer.

This man is remarkable. He gets asked good questions here, but how he answers is truly admirable. Translates a superficial question, in his mind, broadens the meaning of it to not only a bigger picture, but the biggest picture. One step towards his thinking would be a success for everybody

How can you ask me to respect that? To allow that?

Dame you ign

But the only so called secret that I know when it comes to language is an extensive reading, listening, watching, speaking, writing and dictionary. And it takes a lot of time and dedication.

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