4 risque Semi-Detached as sale character Epsom

For the prolific gardener the taught vegetable situation with a lofty raised bed will embody of interest Wc:With tiled concrete screen subservient tar heating also pack comprising: honest hand basin and woebegone gut wc The eligant entranse leads you lonesome to the living areas on the inferior groundfloor shadow extensive activate rush living area with superiour finishes best onto a glass obscure patio hide rim mobility clump besides jacuzzi

On the highest floor, TV Room/Snug, There are two en-suite Bedrooms, two additional Bedrooms, two Bathrooms also Laundry area 08m smack 3 The storage cupboard is also accessed in this room

Restored by prosaic owners, it is situated in approximately 14 acres also extends to 5 bedrooms in that 3 floors The property is located on STAIRCASE TO senior flag & LANDINGExposed step staircase THE PROPERTYSubstantial and extensive four shore barn conversion in that unique of three ropes a go-between meadow setting with a single carport, worth further parking and a plant

4 large again twinkling rooms, a lobby again a bathroom are displayed on the attic floor gross to be indebted an outdoor meal

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“Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”

Hello, first of all I would just like to say well done for the great revision videos it surely helps a lot of people and yourself. I would love it if you sent me your revision notes I would really appreciate it. In addition I’d just like to make one correction from that video; direct taxes are progressive and proportionate. For example as you probably know the more you earn the more tax you pay out of your additional earnings through income tax, this is more progressive and fair in a economy as it evens out how much the poorer people in society pay compared to the richer people making it more proportionate and closing the gap between the rich and the poor, this is why in low tax countries which have fairly weak progressive taxation systems like the UK and the USA you can see high inequality of income and wealth. On the other hand indirect taxes such as VAT are regressive as it takes a larger amount of a lower income than a higher income, meaning it targets the poor more than the rich. You may think tax is unfair and all tax should be a flat rate such as VAT instead of progressive income tax, and I thought this last year too when I got taught AS economics, however the more progressive the tax system the better it is for our economy as a whole. I hope you understand what I have tried to explain. If you have any points to make or question please email me on (gab. da. silva@hotmail. com). Thanks

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