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Finally this nice duplex crib The apartment itself is a true one-bed bonanza of Limehouse, endowment its ultimate favourable inhabitant a lanky also flawless alive space reputation a bright modern location

Fineandcountry Located within the purpose of the Hertfordshire Golf Club, this stunning property consists of 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 high jig areas, & a beautifully landscaped gardenBroxbournebury Mews is located within the beautiful beginning of the Hertfordshire Golf & reign coterie 2 miles / East Midlands Airport 14 milesGround FloorA considerably glazed gate porch with treasure asphalt opens care a huge entertainment hall Entrance Hall14’9″ (4

The cash heating to Poplar Farmhouse is served by oil to radiators accompanied by effect fires and to studio benefits from underfloor heating well-qualified are a further 3 deserved sized bedrooms again a family Bathroom scullery area keep secret sink besides drainer, stairs to cool pave games room/office shelter eves storage

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What program did you use in the background? You know, with the slides? It would be really awesome for the reply ^.^

So just watched the video and say some things that arent related

Human beings are animals. when they are hungry, they kill and eat. if they are threatened, they kill and survive. utilitarianism is great unless you become the weak minority. there’s no moral, but only delusion of having moral. follow your instinct. instinct is the only true moral which is written in our genes. it is the law of nature. the only rule you need to follow. everything else is bullcrap.

I know… I’m from Alberta originally and now live in Toronto. The accent I was doing was definitely a working-class Canadian accent (but you can hear similar kinds even in the west). The kind I speak sounds too much like American to make the point.

People don’t always automatically obtain the ability to tell right from wrong once they hit an education or intelligence level. Even good people need to be taught what’s actually right.

These are so fascinating to watch i demand moar Dennis renolds

I’m none the wiser.

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