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God, was Gatsby boring. it’s a book about nothing. how some guy fell for a gold-digger and got friendzoned, with a background of empty socialites. Bovary was a pathetic person, so i fail to see how reading about her is a good thing. Crime and Punishment is a much better book. so is Master and Margaret. so is The Process. so is Animal Farm. hell, even dated Odyssey was more interesting (and influential) than half of the entries on this list. damn it watchmojo, stick to movies and TV, leave literature to people who actually READ books.

Hey thanks dani, just wondering if you recommend doing to multiple choice before or after the essays?

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1. One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

German has only 4 cases (nom, gen, dat, acc) but what makes them annoying is that not only do the nouns sometimes change (Mann -> Mannes, gen.) but the article changes (der Mann -> des Mannes -> dem Mann -> den Mann) and the adjective changes (der alte Mann -> des alten Mannes -> dem alten Mann -> den alten Mann), and that it doesn’t stop there. The adjectives change differently depending on what time of article you use. Taking that example, Mann, but instead using an indefinite article, we get ein alter Mann -> eines alten Mannes -> einem alten Mann -> einen alten Mann. Then without an article altogether you get alter Mann -> alten Mannes -> altem Mann -> alten Mann. Then multiply that by four because you have 3 genders and plural: (Mann was masculine), (feminine) die alte Frau -> der alten Frau -> der alten Frau -> die alte Frau, eine alte Frau -> einer alten Frau -> einer alten Frau -> eine alte Frau, alte Frau -> alter Frau -> alter Frau, (neuter) das alte Kind -> des alten Kindes -> dem alten Kind, ein altes Kind -> eines alten Kindes -> einem alten Kind -> ein altes Kind, altes Kind -> alten Kindes -> altem Kind -> altes Kind, (plural) die alten Leute -> der alten Leute -> den alten Leuten -> die alten Leute, keine alten Leute -> keiner alten Leute -> keinen alten Leuten -> keine alten Leute, alten Leute -> alter Leute -> alten Leuten -> alte Leute. And then you have exceptions to the rule like der Name -> des Namens -> dem Namen -> den Namen, or how in old German you have extra rules like – e endings on dative masculine and neuter. good luck

Thnx sir easyng ths subject. Jst 1 thng i hav to tell u tht thoda aahis ta bola kijeyaa n thnx again.


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