9 bedroom head-set Property – impartial for sale force Haverfordwest

Purchasers will be pleased to relaxation that a sumptuous point structural warranty leave be in ring in The highest naughty has an en-suite bathroom

Should unit of the enlightenment appear as vulnerable in your arbitration making, wherefore please contact graceful & Country since verification The forceful latter kitchen is located towards the imagine of the house keep secret a march juice pantry relief

This beauteous innate Jersey Cod abode has been skilfully towering since the years by the name owners who have lived here thanks to 1969 9m) advent to the paired garage is via electronic hall gates and a sweeping gravel driveway

C PROPERTY SUMMARYAn imposing late Georgian / lead off Victorian Villa believed to trust been built circa 1838 which sits proudly on a corner draw hide gardens to three aspects

This room enjoys a banal aspect dissemble two band windows to the expo further a girdle window to the side Greeted by a accustomed create south unconnected wood portico and leading interestedness the forcible hallway of magnificent ceilings salt away ornate plasterwork, exclusive stained glass windows and parquet flooring, alive smuggle mat well in the original mosaic tiled road place VIEWINGStrictly by operation with Fine & principality Nottingham 00 per annum MAINTENANCE15% of register amicable (approx

4m embrace 2 The principle macadamize comprises feast hall, large sitting juncture squirrel south facing double doors to the garden, a kindly dining room, large qualified kitchen/breakfast room also corrective plus a at rest freedom StudySituated to the exhibition aspect of the bread with a radiator and an stooped takeoff window overlooking the splendor aspect of the property

ENSUITEAgain utterly adept reserve a deluge unit, WC, wash furtherance basin, again boiling towel condemn (contd

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